Teaching with the Web:
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ENERGY: An Online Treasure Hunt for 1st Year High School (Science)

Authored by C. Osina and P. Arinto

On a fine day when the air is both cool and dry, you feel "full of energy". You feel like you can do anything, even carrying a heavy load or pushing a large table. If you can work, then that means you have energy.

In this activity, we will find out more about energy, its types, forms and uses, as well as its sources. We will learn how energy is transformed from one form to another.

Read carefully the questions below and then find the answers in the Web pages that follow. Click on the URL of the Web page to read what it says. Each Web page is used only once to answer one question. After finding all of the answers, move to the Big Question to bring your ideas together in a broader understanding of the topic.

You must work in groups of three and finish the activity within one class session. Write your answers on a clean sheet of paper. Please be specific with your answers.

  1. What is energy? What are some proofs that there is energy?
  2. Name at least six forms of energy and give an example of each form.
  3. Enumerate the uses of energy.
  4. Identify from the pictures (in the worksheet on one of the Web pages below) the sources of energy and the objects that use that energy and explain their relationship.
  5. Differentiate renewable from nonrenewable sources of energy and give an example of each.
  6. How is energy transferred from one form to another?

Types of energy

Energy story
(Click on the links to the other chapters if you have the time.)

Energy sources, energy choices

Transfer of energy

Sources of energy

What is energy?

What is energy?

The Big Question
Now let’s apply what we have learned. Brainstorm and list 10 things at home that possess or use energy. Identify the type of energy—whether electrical, light (radiant), heat (thermal), or movement—that makes each thing work.

Do this list as a group. Make sure each of you contributes to the list. Submit your list at the end of the class session.