Peer Evaluation Form

Name of evaluator:_____________________________________________
Name of group mate evaluated:___________________________________
In the space provided, please rate your group mate’s contributions t the webquest project, using the following scale:
SA – Strongly Agree
A – Agree
N – Neutral
D – Disagree
SD – Strongly Disagree
______ 1. My group mate performed the tasks that were assigned to him/her.
______ 2. My group mate was present during group meetings and other group activities for the project.
______ 3. My group mate helped the group develop good ideas for the project.
______ 4. My group mate collected correct information/data for the project from various sources, such as from local experts, books, and materials on the Internet.
______ 5. My group mate organized information from various sources well.
______ 6. My group mate made helpful suggestions regarding the project
______ 7. My group mate completed his/her fair share of the workload for the project.
______ 8. My group mate accepted suggestions from others.
______ 9. My group mate understood the concepts we learned in the project.
______ 10. My group mate listened carefully to other group members during group discussions of the project.
______ 11. My group mate met the deadlines set.
______ 12. My group mate showed interest in the project.
______ 13. My group mate shared resources with the rest of the group.
______ 14. My group mate did his/her work well.