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What’s in the Collection

This sourcebook is a collection of learning activities using the Web that have been designed by Filipino high school teachers for their students. There are learning activities for each of the learning areas—Science, Mathematics, English, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan—in all four year levels.

These activities represent part of the output of four four-day workshops held in August and September 2003, with more than 70 teachers from the 15 high schools in the Coke Ed-Venture Program run by the Foundation for Information Technology Education & Development (FIT-ED). The workshop, the third in a series on teaching with computers and the Internet, had the following objectives:

1. To provide an overview of instructional design and resource-based learning using the Internet
2. To introduce teaching strategies and learning activities that make use of Web-based resources
3. To design Internet-enhanced learning activities for various subject areas in the Philippine secondary school curriculum that shall serve as exemplars of curriculum-technology integration

Two activity formats are represented—online treasure hunts and Webquests. Tom March describes the online treasure hunt as an inquiry-based activity that aims to develop knowledge of a given topic by having students answer a set of questions by reading several teacher-selected Web resources. The WebQuest, which was developed by Bernie Dodge and Tom March in 1995 at the San Diego State University, is also an inquiry-based activity using Web resources. It requires learners to work on a task revolving around an open-ended question. The task calls for the application and elaboration of lessons learned and information collected from various learning resources, including the Web.

Eighteen WebQuests and 28 online treasure hunts are included in the current collection. The original versions of these activities were designed and implemented by Coke Ed.Venture teachers with their students during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grading periods of school year 2003-2004. The versions included in this collection have been revised and edited on the basis of the results of the pilot implementation. They are presented here as exemplars or models of how the Web can be used to enhance content mastery and develop subject-specific skills as well as lifelong learning skills.

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