Teaching with the Web:
    A Collection of Online Treasure Hunts and Webquests
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Why Teach With the Web?

• The learning resources found on the Web augment/supplement textbooks and other learning resources in the classroom, which, in Philippine public high schools, are usually limited in number.

• The learning resources on the Web tend to be more up-to-date than many textbooks, providing both teachers and learners with information on current applications of various concepts introduced in the learning areas.

• The multimedia and hypermedia character of the Web is engaging for learners. “Multimedia is a communication format that integrates several media—text, audio. video, and animation—most commonly implemented with a computer.” (Grabe and Grabe, 2001, p. 245). “Hypermedia allows multimedia to be experienced in a non-linear fashion. In this format, units of information, such as individual words, segments of text, ...audio, pictures, animations, and video clips are connected to each other in multiple ways,” allowing the user to interact with these units of information by clicking on them in any sequence he/she prefers. Hence the use of the term “interactive” to refer to hypermedia environments. (Grabe and Grabe, 2001, pp. 245-246)

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Why Online Treasure Hunts and WebQuests?
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