The Task

Each group will study and describe one of the following diseases: typhoid, malaria, dengue, tuberculosis, diabetes, cholera, measles, hepatitis B, leprosy, and influenza (including SARS).

Your group must be able to come up with a multimedia presentation (using MS PowerPoint or StarOffice Presentation software) that will raise public awareness of a specific disease. You will gain expertise in the disease assigned to your group by using resources on the Internet, reading print sources from the library, and interviewing by email doctors and/or experts from the Department of Health and other local centers of expertise.

Your group presentation will consist of six-seven slides (with text and graphics/photos) containing the following information:

  1. signs and symptoms – 1-2 slides
  2. causes (organisms that cause the disease) - 1 slide
  3. short-term and long-term  effects (on body organs) - 1-2 slides
  4. prevention - 1 slide
  5. graph showing the prevalence of the disease in the Philippines - 1 slide
  6. local experts/groups studying and working on controlling the disease in the Philippines – 1 slide