Your group presentation will be rated using the following checklist. Be guided by this checklist as you prepare your work.


(2 points)

(1 point)

(0 point)

A. Content 

1. Is there a historical background of the church?


2. Is the historical background complete?


3. Is the architecture of the church described in detail?


4. Are the changes to the church’s architecture enumerated?


5. Is there an account of the current uses of the church and its spaces?


6. Are the dimensions/measurements of church structures and spaces given?


7. Are the geometric figures in church structures pointed out in the report?


8. Are the correct geometric figures identified?


9. Are the relationships between these geometric figures identified?


10. Are the relationships identified correct?


11. Are the religious meanings of the geometric figures identified given?


12. Are photos and illustrations/drawings included in the report?


13. Are the photos and drawings well chosen or appropriate?


B. Organization and Format 

1. Is the content presented in an orderly and logical way?


2. Does the choice of font styles and sizes contribute to readability?


3. Is the color combination (between text and background, between visuals and background, etc.) appealing?


4. Does the color combination promote readability?


5. Are the photos and drawings clear?


6. Are the photos and drawings attractive?


7. Are the animation effects used impressive (without being distracting) to viewers?




Your individual final grade for the project will be computed as follows:


Percent of
Project Grade

1.Group Output


2. Peer Evaluation


3. Self-assessment