The Foundation for Information Technology Education and Development is a non-profit organization established in 1997 and based in Quezon City, Philippines.


An equitable and inclusive world empowered by learning and innovation


Helping people and communities in the Philippines and developing countries across the world to learn and innovate

Core Values: Quality & Equity through Innovation

Innovation is discovering new ways of doing things. This involves:

  • using new technologies to do what would not otherwise be possible through more traditional means, and
  • equally important, developing new understandings of established practices and systems and how these can be made to work better for the greater good, with or without new technologies.

At the heart of our drive to innovate is promoting quality and equity in learning through the three pillars of our programming: Education Transformation, Education for All, and Research and Policy Advocacy.

Core Services

  • Program Design, Development and Management
  • Research for Development
  • Knowledge Mobilization and Policy and Practice Influencing
  • Network-building and Stakeholder Mobilization
  • Volunteerism and Community Development
  • Professional Development and Capacity Building
  • Content Development
  • Grants Administration

Programmatic Strengths

  • Systems approach
  • Demand-driven, needs-based interventions that center local ownership
  • Learning-driven, technology-supported
  • Deep field experience
  • Cost-effective program management
  • Strong, sustained partnerships with government, the private sector, academe, non-government organizations, and multilateral and donor agencies
  • Extensive local, national, regional, and international network of experts and practitioners
  • Committed, high-performing staff
  • Positioned as thought leader globally